On or off wheels, Ride the Vibe with Cycletopia Vibewear!

Rides: Past, Present, and Future

Cycletopia would like to send a HUGE thanks to Zak's Bike Shop in Mckeesport PA for riding the vibe with us!  Go down to Zak's for all of your bicycle maintenance, accessories, and purchases today!


Join us for our first group ride!

On June 25th 2022, we will gather at the Pie Traynor parking lot in North Park.  We will start the group ride at 5pm and take a ride around the park on the street.  Some people don't ride trails, so we want to include everyone!


After the street ride we will regroup at the Pie Traynor Parking lot.  For those of you who want to get on the MTB trails, we will head over to the skills park then hit up some of the trails from there.  

This event is for all skill levels!  We are out here to have fun, if there is a feature you struggel with it's ok to go around, hike a bike, or maybe a fellow rider can give you some tips to help you send it!

Advanced riders are asked to stay with the group to help the less advanced riders and then everyone can join you to cheer you on when you send it on Dr. J!

Cycletopia T shirts will be available for purchase if you would like to support us so that we will be able to offer more swag and freebies,  and put together more events in the future!

We are looking forward to riding with you on June 25th!

RIde the Vibe!